Welcome to Fairdata

Accessing Fairdata

Wondering how to access Fairdata? Use the login form named "User Login" to identify and enter the platform, on the first field you can type either your username OR your email and after that your password.
If you don't remember your password you can reset it here: Reset my password
If you still have problems to access the platform, please contact EFTA.

Need help?

We are improving the platform at the moment and your suggestions and ideas are welcomed, additionnaly if you find some error or experience some difficulty you can report it using the Bug Reporter tool that you will find after login into Fairdata on the menu at: Account >> Bug Reporter.

How to report a problem?

It's very important that the exact steps you performed are described when reporting an issue so we can reproduce the issue, if any, or explain you the way to do it the correct way.

A good bug report would include a description like this one for instance...

  • I clicked on Create content >> Add new producer.
  • Completed a certain field labeled "XYZ".
  • Clicked the save button at the bottom of the page.
  • A message saying "XYZ" was displayed and the producer was not saved.